Community Marketing and Human Insights that generate Value for Brands

A market leader since 2006, Ecglobal generates intelligence and relationships through Empowered Communities that connect brands and people for agile decision-making and customer loyalty. We are part of the Haus Ecosystem, a holding company owned by the Stefanini Group.

You need to accelerate your company's growth and innovate continuously.

Innovation requires a deep understanding of your customers: what they think, feel, and want from your brand and products.

With our solutions, your company innovates with assertiveness.

Build with thousands and share with millions

Complement your company's marketing strategy with Community Marketing. Co-create new products and services with your brand's consumers in a safe environment and extract insights to develop assertive strategies that generate growth and loyalty.

Learn about the types of communities and explore everything we can do for your company.

How about establishing genuine connections to boost the relationship between the audience and your brand?

Get to know deeply the needs, desires, behaviors, and especially the thoughts and feelings of people regarding your brand.

Through Community Marketing, you take your consumer relationship to the next level. A powerful SAAS platform to support business decisions, avoid risks, and launch brands, products, and services.

No one knows more about your product than your consumer.

Get to know your consumer. Deepen ideas and test products and concepts.

Only they can answer deeper questions about the motivations that lead them to choose a brand, product or service, or understand situations that made them switch to the competitor.

Explore all the possibilities of Community Marketing.

We help you choose the format, tools and functionalities of your community.

  • We work end-to-end: we design, develop, and implement the proprietary Community and Super applications;
  • We create experiences, relevant content, user engagement programs, and gamification;
  • We integrate with CRMs, open social networks, marketplaces, and incentive campaigns;
  • We automate communication journeys and rules.

Community Marketing:

Get to know the types

With Brand Communities

Create and validate products/services that your customers already desire

Make assertive decisions

Make decisions only once

Without Brand Communities

Launch products/services blindly to see if the market will adopt them

Rely solely on your gut feeling

Wait to make mistakes in order to learn

Agile methodology and cutting-edge technology to meet all your Market Research needs

Our solutions are developed for AGILE FLEX Methods based on DESIGN THINKING because we know that your time is valuable. We use cutting-edge technology to deeply understand your customers' complete journey.

Areas of expertise

CX (Customer Experience)

Track your customer's buying experience and easily build loyalty by promoting a better shopping experience.


Connect with your target audience, expand your brand's reach and engagement by combining the power of gamification with crowdsourcing and co-creation, and turn consumers into brand ambassadors.

Market Research

Gain valuable insights about your customers every day. Dive into any topic quickly, reliably, and in a segmented way.
Develop quantitative and qualitative studies and expand the analysis of your data.

Social CRM

Combine data from your traditional CRM with social media tools to promote high-value experiences for your customers. Make assertive business decisions.


Agile Marketing

Our tools will help your marketing team make faster decisions, reduce costs, and increase results.


We offer digital platforms for the creation and testing of new concepts, products, and services.
Our methodologies allow you to test and validate your ideas and prototypes in an agile and economical way, quantitatively or qualitatively.

Product Testing

We create virtual prototypes and safely test them with your consumers in a secure and engaging environment, generating actionable insights for your company.

A team of experts at your disposal.

Our robust team of specialists is ready to develop the best project for your company.

Join the great global brands that have already succeeded with Ecglobal.

See what our customers say about us:

With COMMUNITIES FOR BRANDS, it's possible to communicate with your customers in a secure and controllable environment, accelerate your market learning, and conduct consumer research in a quick and practical way.

Through COMMUNITY MARKETING, it's possible to obtain information and extract specific data that allows for informed decision-making. It's no wonder we're leaders in the Community Marketing and Human Insights market, helping major national and global brands.