Empower yourself for a more Intelligent and Collaborative World

Establish genuine connections and collaboration between people, brands and organizations, and generate agile, proprietary intelligence for informed decision-making have never been more important.

Discover how our unique social networking platform can do it all.


We use data intelligence to help people, brands and organizations connect, understand, and interact quickly around a cause or purpose, driving new business and the common good.

A space to be heard, receive information, get recognized and rewarded, and influence decisions from brands and organizations they admire.

A highly engaged audience, segmented by common interests, in a social CRM platform that combines social media, gamification, loyalty program, and e-commerce elements.

Meet the Ecglobal Collabs:

The surprising results of Collabs from Ecglobal conquered great brands such as Banco Itaú, Natura, and Nestlé. Discover our collaborative marketplaces and discover how your brand can be part of: Ecglobal.

Provide direct dialogue between consumers and brands

Get Insights for Strategic Media Plans

Boost engagement between companies and its employees

Encourage support for Social Causes

Improve the relationship between Organizations and Citizens.

Agile Flex
Marketing Solutions

Solutions developed for AGILE Methods based on DESIGN THINKING because we know your time is precious.

We are FLEX, that is, we adjust to your needs and resources.

We work with an "End to end" model (from briefing to evaluation and presentation of results), hybrid or DIY model, and we offer training on the platform's resources, with proper supervision and technical support.
We use the best and most advanced tools to help you deeply understand your clients in their journey.

Types of demands / applications

Ecglobal solutions for all Brand Teams and partner companies:

Marketing / Branding teams can develop and validate concepts, positioning, communication, and the various Marketing P’s

Innovation teams can develop and validate upcoming sustaining and disruptive innovations.

CX and UX teams can use the platform to understand and validate the different experiences of their users.

CMI teams can generate the insights for the marketing area's tactical and strategic plans

Social CRM teams can take advantage of every moment of a more interactive experience and identify segments and drivers that build positive and lasting relationships. Great opportunity to maintain an ongoing relationship in an exclusive environment for as long as you want.

E-Commerce teams can map and optimize their customers' complete journey.

Teams of Research Institutes and Agencies can use the ecglobal.com network to conduct research or to seek complements to their panels. They can also license our platform to run proprietary communities for their customers.

Advertising and Branding Agency teams can use advanced moderation tools and license the platform to proprietary communities that serve their clients. For the development and evaluation of your communications, check out the solutions for the Insights media marketplace.

HR teams can understand, through a continuous and fluid dialogue, the “mood” of their employees in a much friendlier environment than the familiar and cold ‘Intranets’.

With a strong DNA in technology innovation, we were pioneers in building one of the first online panel communities in Latin America and through the usage of interactive technologies, we transformed the company into a B2C2B collaborative intelligence platform.

We work at the intersection between the Insights, UX & CX, VOC, CRM, and Marketing areas.

Ecglobal creates intelligent connections between people, brands and organizations, integrating innovative methods, technologies, and tools to generate the best insights, and most conscious decisions.

The ecglobal team works with teams in Brazil (Salvador – our technology center and in São Paulo city), Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, England and the United States.

Ecglobal Team

Adriana Rocha

Co-founder & CEO

Systems engineer, with more than 25 years of experience in marketing technology, entrepreneur, passionate about changing the world through innovation and technology. Great success achieved in the construction of pioneering companies and leaders in online market research in Latin America, as well as in the launch of cutting-edge technology platforms for the media, insights and advertising sectors.

Catarina Rocha

Co-founder and COO

Systems engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the development of information systems, strategic account development, global project management, setup and management of market research operations centers.

Alan Liberman


With an international career, covering more than 30 years of experience in the Marketing area, having worked for Unilever in Brazil, in the United Kingdom and Microsoft as marketing director, Alan worked for 21 years at Ipsos. He founded and led hte startup of the Brand Communication and Brand Health Research Company in Brazil and as an executive of the company, he held several positions of regional and global leadership.

Alini Benzatti

Account Director

Twenty years of experience in market research focusing on consumer habits, serving large national and multinational clients. Very close relationship and interest with different cultures and behaviors in Latin American countries. Strong experience in activating qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to deliver actionable results with a strategic vision.

Leda Kayano

Senior Account Director

A solid career in market research acquired in 35 years of experience in renowned multinational consumer companies such as J&J, Unilever, and Telecom such as Motorola and VIVO, in the position of consumer insight and market intelligence executive.
Leda was also director of the Marketing business unit at Ipsos, managing a team of over 200 people.

Pedro Capuani

Account Director

More than 15 years of experience in the 'Health' area and consumer market research. Pedro worked with clients from many different segments and specializations. From concept validation and product testing to brand health tracking and strategic areas such as branding and business strategy, focusing on the consumer experience and insights generation.


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