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Nubank, Havaianas, Netflix and Uber were some of them. Which brands will win in this year’s edition?   With less than a week to go before knowing the brands that won the hearts of Brazilians in 2022, let’s remember the great brands that stood out in previous editions of the NLS – Net Love Score.  In

Edition 2022 will feature a combined study of quantitative methodologies, qualitative immersions and activities carried out in the “Brands that Win” community. Results will be presented for dynamic consultation in an interactive portal for the first time.  Ecglobal goes to the field once again to carry out a deep and intense survey that allows identifying

What is the best Insights Community for my business? Learn about the various benefits, when to use it and what kind of Community is the most suitable for your company. From multi-client communities to robust social networks, learn about the types of communities Online Ecglobal and its tools that integrate market research, CX, marketing, social

Last March 20th was celebrated the day of happiness. Inspired by this theme, we held a challenge on our platform ecglobal.com, to post a photo of a brand that symbolizes happiness for them and explain the reason in the caption.   What does a brand need to have to make a person happy? What pleasures does it need to awaken?, what charm must it bring? According to the testimonies of our challenge, the following brands were mentioned:   Nestlé Natura Netflix Itaipava Avon Fiat Ruby Rose Bauducco. Omo Unilever Sadia Fanta O Boticário Americanas Cacau Show   All the brands mentioned had more than one testimonial. Some main factors were cited as the ones that most motivate people to express happiness in relation to a brand or product. These factors are:   Variety of products Diversity Flavor

What does a brand need to be the dearest in the hearts of Brazilians? To answer these and other questions about the relationship of affection between brands and their audience, Ecglobal carried out the study developed through its exclusive indicator, the NLS – NET Love Score.  The Brands that Conquered Brazil – 2021 edition’ is

In celebration of its 15th anniversary, Ecglobal presents its rebranding and new positioning as a collaborative intelligence platform, with the slogan “Empower Yourself for a Smarter and Collaborative World”. To support this new phase of accelerated growth, it reinforces its team and launches a new version of its proprietary social networking platform, ecglobal.com.  The new

Adriana Rocha, President and Co-CEO of eCGlobal, will present a vision on the strategic role and evolution of market research for the coming years, in the Webinar “Research Trends in Latin America”, promoted by New MR and moderated by Ray Ponter in two sessions, one in English and the other one in Spanish, on December 3rd.   Three aspects of the trends and changes facing Latin America will be discussed in the panel: 2020 – What has remained the same, what has changed? What worked, what didn’t? 2021 –  Assuming we still have to live with the COVID-19 virus, how could this affect researches? Looking beyond 2021 – What are the key factors that research needs to remain relevant in 2025 and 2030?   Free subscriptions: Time: 1:00 p.m. (Sao Paulo)     Sessão em Inglês Time: 3:00 p.m.